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Dari kiri ke kanan Rizal Ramli, Jaya Suprana dan Aylawati dalam sebuah kesempatan.

MAS Rizal Ramli yang sangat saya hormati, kagumi dan cintai, terima kasih atas kiriman naskah yang ternyata juga telah dimuat Kantor Berita Politik RMOL pada hari Kamis 23 Mei 2018  berjudul “An Open Letter To The President” dengan isi sebagai berikut:

Open Letter

DEAR President Widodo: Over the past few days, Indonesia has experienced a series of traumatic and saddening events. The police have responded to hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, expressing their right of assembly and to protest against what they believe to be fraudulent elections, with brutal force.

Innocent people have been beaten or fired upon, many severely wounded, while others have been tragically killed.

There are no signs the Indonesian peoples, who are simply standing up for their democratic rights, will be intimidated by this brutality. On the contrary, the more the government acts with violence, the more passions will be inflamed and bring us down the path of more civil conflict -- this is something nobody wants and serves no interests. And, it must be avoided by all means necessary in order to secure a brighter future for our country and citizenry.

In order to bring peace and order to our country, as well as safeguard our democracy, there are several measures you can take in your office of the presidency.

First, your government should refrain from criminalizing the opposition, especially on charges of treason. As president, you should know better that a true act of treason entails the use of arms in an attempt to overthrow a government.  Opposition figures have never advocated such actions.

And as patriots, neither will they ever do so. Rather, they, as many others, have supported for peoples to exercise their constitutional right of assembly and peacefully protest against what they believe to have been fraudulent elections.

If your government continues to use charges of treason as a tool of intimidation and suppression, you should be mindful of the consequences. It will only harden the opinions of your critics that you and your administration have no intent to resolve this dispute in a fair and impartial manner. It will only strengthen the will of the people to stand up for and protect their democracy. And in the final analysis, it will impair even more damage to your legitimacy as president.

Pulau Mansinam





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